Career overview

rad tech overviewBeing a radiologic technician is a big decision, after researching different careers before I began my college education, I thought about what would allow me to be self fulfilled on the job, what would make me feel as if I am helping out yet I could still provide for my child and myself, I first really wanted to become a teacher for children who had learning disabilities or even high school students. After seeing the economy and the downfall in available teaching positions, I knew that that career would not provide the security that you may need , while researching careers, I ran across the story of a little girl name Maya, she was nine years old and very passionate about dancing, she noticed after dancing or any physical activity with her legs, she would experience sharp pain, her family doctor ordered some diagnostic X-rays to take a look at her legs, due to the technology and advancement of diagnostic radiology, the cancer that was then growing in her bones was seen early and was able to be treated and cured without amputation of any of her limbs, this little girl could continue her dream and became a passionate dancer because of diagnostic imaging.