Different Personality Types

rad tech female I knew that all the stories will not end in such a positive outcome and that sometimes working in this field would test my faith and emotions, that at the end of the day, if I could allow one person to keep their dream because of diagnostic imaging, that would be an accomplishment of a lifetime for me. Today I wanted to share some facts about radiologic technicians from the type of person for the job, skills needed to complete the job, education required and the salary offered for a certified radiologic technician.
The type of person most fit for a radiologic technician could be called a realistic person, one who likes physical activities and projects, they find a solution to the problem by doing hands-on work, they can be described as a doer, when taking X-rays, you must always be ready to provide excellent patient care and maintain a clean and organized radiology department. An investigative person could be called the thinker, they like to analyse problems and they have creative thinking skills when positioning trauma patients or spatial pathology setbacks. Another characteristic of a radiologic technician would be a social person, one that likes to be around people and aid anyone around them with any problems they may be experiencing, they could be called the helper. In the medical field, it’s always about helping your patient, helping other co-workers and helping the team you work with to provide safe and excellent care for patients.

When wanting to pursue a career in radiology, achievement in relationship is also important, achievement is very important because the education required is rigorous and hard and it’s challenging and it’s challenging to be accepted into the program and graduating this program provides a sense of achievement that it’s very hard to get to that point. Being engaged in relationships is also a vital factor, when performing diagnostic X-rays, there are a lot of relationships required by the professional technician, being with the patient, the patient’s family, the trading doctors, reading radiologists, nurses, transporter staff and any other hospital personnel that may be involved in the care of the patient.