Program, Salary and Jobs Outlook

radiology techThe education for acquiring a radiologic associates degree is very hard and involves a lot of steps, you must first find the school you want to attend and find out their entry requirements for that school, most of the time the requirements involve an application, official transcripts and reference letters from the students, if the school feels that you would be a good applicant, you are invited to take a generalised test called the PSB, these tests may vary with different schools and programs, it allows the school to see one’s general education level and if they would be able to keep up with the program, once the grades from the tests are back, there are a certain number of applicants invited to participate in the exposure clinical days and the interview with program and clinical officials, once all the steps have been completed and you have had the interview, you must wait for an acceptance letter, once the letter is received, there are more steps you must take in order to protect yourself and stay safe around patients at the hospital such as immunization, drug tests and background checks.

Enrolling in the rad tech program is a huge step in one’s career, it involves personal sacrifice and emotional trails, the two year associates degree is the most prevalent among ways to receive the education, there are also bachelors’ and masters’ programs that allow you to receive the same education and these are particularly helpful if one is seeking a supervisor, administrative or teaching position in radiology.

The pay scale for a certified radiologic technician varies greatly between states and demographics around the clinical institutions, according to the college foundation of North Carolina website, the average range of annual wages is forty one to sixty thousand dollars a year, the annual range of North Caroline is fifty one thousand and the hourly average wage is twenty four dollars an hour. As you can see, there are a lot of aspects involved in becoming a rad tech, it is a very fulfilling and beneficial job to have in this economy, health care facilities are expected to grow through two thousand and sixteen due to the shift towards more outpatient procedures and the advancement in medical technologies that allow procedures to be performed in outpatient clinics.
If one is willing relocate and become experienced in other imaging modalities, they will have more opportunities as employees while employers are using multi credentialed employees, as you can see from the information given above, the radiologic technician is a flourishing and exciting career path in the health field, there are lots of opportunities and ways to further your career, provide for your family and as well provide a great sense of self fulfilment.


Skills Requirements

radiology There are several skills that are required by a radiologic technician, they involve being detail oriented when entering medical information and scanning medical images to patient’s medical records, detail is very important, you must also be technologically advanced since most of diagnostic imaging has went to digital acquisition and then entering the patient and exam information to maintain proper patient history, having good communication skills are also significant when interacting with people in the X-ray department, most people you must communicate with are generally in high stress situations, being able to communicate and still provide a comfortable invite for them is vital especially when providing instructions on the exam and steps that the patient must take to safely complete the exam. Being a team player in the department, if your modality is not very busy and mammography is slammed aiding and dressing patients then giving instructions will allow your other co-workers to gain respect for you as well as return the favour to your department one day.

Different Personality Types

rad tech female I knew that all the stories will not end in such a positive outcome and that sometimes working in this field would test my faith and emotions, that at the end of the day, if I could allow one person to keep their dream because of diagnostic imaging, that would be an accomplishment of a lifetime for me. Today I wanted to share some facts about radiologic technicians from the type of person for the job, skills needed to complete the job, education required and the salary offered for a certified radiologic technician.
The type of person most fit for a radiologic technician could be called a realistic person, one who likes physical activities and projects, they find a solution to the problem by doing hands-on work, they can be described as a doer, when taking X-rays, you must always be ready to provide excellent patient care and maintain a clean and organized radiology department. An investigative person could be called the thinker, they like to analyse problems and they have creative thinking skills when positioning trauma patients or spatial pathology setbacks. Another characteristic of a radiologic technician would be a social person, one that likes to be around people and aid anyone around them with any problems they may be experiencing, they could be called the helper. In the medical field, it’s always about helping your patient, helping other co-workers and helping the team you work with to provide safe and excellent care for patients.

When wanting to pursue a career in radiology, achievement in relationship is also important, achievement is very important because the education required is rigorous and hard and it’s challenging and it’s challenging to be accepted into the program and graduating this program provides a sense of achievement that it’s very hard to get to that point. Being engaged in relationships is also a vital factor, when performing diagnostic X-rays, there are a lot of relationships required by the professional technician, being with the patient, the patient’s family, the trading doctors, reading radiologists, nurses, transporter staff and any other hospital personnel that may be involved in the care of the patient.